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Advice From Female Entrepreneurs – The Books You Must Read

If you scan the business books section in your favourite bookshop or online, you might think that only men write business books – which is obviously not true. So in this article, I’ll give you a great list of books by female entrepreneurs to give you some inspiration.

There’s no fluff or Oprah-like inspiration (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Just hard-hitting advice from women who are in the trenches killing it every day!

Ready to Soar: Turn Your Idea Into A Business – Naomi Simson

We got to know Red Balloon founder, Naomi Simson, on Australia’s Shark Tank. She’s built a successful business and mentored lots of others. In this book, she tells her story and gives some practical, no-nonsense advice about turning your business idea into a success.

Bonus book: Live What You Love

#Girlboss – Sophia Amoruso

This book has been a massive success due to the gritty, relatable story of how Sophia got into business and her blunt advice for women who want to do it too. She won’t hold your hand but, if you’re looking for a tough-love mentor, this book is for you.

Accidental Entrepreneur – Janine Allis

We know of Janine from Boost Juice, Shark Tank and Survivor, but not many know her story. Her book is for people who weren’t born entrepreneurs, but fell into it later in life. It shows that you can be a success at any age – and you don’t have to have bought and sold a lemonade stand at age 10 to be a “real entrepreneur”. If you can relate, read this one!

In the Company of Women – Grace Bonney

The world is full of female entrepreneurs out there kicking butt every day, even if it doesn’t always seems that way. In this book, Grace interviewed 100 of them and wrote down their advice. I particularly like that she spoke to a broad range of successful women, including artists and comedians. You’ll definitely find someone to inspire you in this book.

Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before? – Marcella Allison + Laura Gale

Similar to Grace Bonney’s book, this is a great collection of letters from female leaders. They tell us poignant and hilarious stories of their time in the trenches and what it takes to be a success, particularly in industries that are still “boys clubs”.

Entrepreneurial You – Dorie Clark

This easy-to-read book provides a blueprint for building a brand and monetising your expertise. Doris provides actionable action that you can follow no matter how large or small your dream business is or your experience level. She’s done it all herself!

Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg has held leadership positions at Facebook (current CEO) and Google, and spent several years in politics. She is passionate about encouraging more women to become leaders and “sit at the table”. In this book, she provides techniques and advice on topics like negotiation and risk taking. You’ll feel inspired to take on the world after you read it!

Also watch her famous Ted Talk about female leadership.

Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 Into a Billion Dollar Business – Barbara Corcoran

Barba Corcoran is Australia’s Janine Allis and Naomi Simson. She started with nothing and built her business from the ground up. Now she invests in other businesses – often via her role on Shark Tank – and provides loads of information in this book about exactly how she did it.

Secrets of Six-Figure Women – Barbara Stanny

So many women are making six figures now, and Barbara wanted to learn the strategies they used to get there. She discovered seven strategies: profit motive, audacity, resilience, encouragement, self-awareness, non-attachment, and financial know-how. She discusses each of these in detail, giving women the keys to unlock their own success.

Got more to share for female entrepreneurs?

Have you read an awesome book for female entrepreneurs that’s not on this list? Let me know in the comments! Contact me to enquire about working with me or just to ask any burning questions!

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