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Making an impression in today’s world is difficult, right? Well, did you know that you can pay for advertising on the likes of Google and Facebook? That’s right, you might be able to get your name in front of your target audience after all!

What’s Search Engine Marketing?

Otherwise known as Google Ads, this is an advertising service on the world’s most popular search engine. To start, you’ll set up a campaign with advertising content, choose a target market, and set a maximum bid. When somebody searches for something that adheres to your market, your bid will go against others within the same niche. If the bid wins, your ad will show for this person.

If all this sounds confusing now, don’t worry because I’ll explain it all when working together (I’ll also take the burden off your shoulders!). Essentially, all you need to know is that you can invest in advertising on Google and you only pay for the clicks you receive, hence the name ‘pay per click’.

Did you know that Google and various other search engines take around 3.5 billion searches in a single day? If you doubted the power of search engines before, it’s hard to ignore this kind of prowess now, right?

Search Engine Optimisation by Rachelle Sassine

Do Google Ads Still Generate Results?

In a word, yes. In fact, it offers one of the most attractive investments around. According to some, each dollar spent on PPC agency sydney generates $2 of business (amazing!). With this in mind, PPC agency sydney can still form an important part of a marketing plan.

With me, together we can create an advert that will resonate with the intended audience and really pique their interest. When the ad appears in front of them, we need them to feel compelled to click. Once they’ve made this decision, the landing page will take over and they will have entered your sales funnel.

Today, competition across most industries is heavy. Therefore, now is the time to invest in an effective PPC AdWords campaign.

When’s the Best Time to Use Google AdWords?

This depends on your target market, and it’s something we can explore while working together. As a consultant, I’ve been lucky enough to work with businesses of all sizes and in different stages of their business journey. With this experience, I can help develop a strategy that integrates the organic traffic of SEO and the paid traffic of PPC.

Why not get in contact today to get the ball rolling? As well as Google AdWords, we can talk about social media advertising, affiliate marketing, and all the different ways of getting your name onto the lips of prospective customers!

How Effective are Google Ads?

The younger your audience, the more effective Google Ads tends to be. Why? Because, according to WordStream, nearly 85% of people between 18 and 29 shop online using a mobile device. If these people use your keyword and come across your ad, you might just take their business.

If you’re wondering whether you should be investing in other search engines, it’s thought that Google has over 70% of the market share worldwide. Furthermore, around seven in every ten people phone a business from their Google Search.

I’ve thrown lots of numbers at you here, but all you need to know is that the Google Ads platform is as effective as ever before. You only pay for the clicks you get, you’ll boost traffic, and even if you don’t make a sale from the click you still generate brand awareness (it’s a win-win!). In one case study, the number of leads generated increased by over 550% within the first two months alone.

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